Daevid Allen’s University of Errors (http://www.universityoferrors.com/)

Daevid’s U of Errors 2 (e2 x 10 = tenure) (CD 2001) innerSPACE records, innerSPACE 7715

Barbara Anderson and Naked Truth

Evening’s Bed (CD) Ripe Records

Caroleen Beatty (http://www.discogs.com/Caroleen-Beatty-Youre-Only-As-Pretty-As-You-Feel/release/1877789)

You’re Only as Pretty As You Feel  (CD-EP 2005) Black Beauty Records (BB72009)

Alice Bierhorst

Maker’s Mark (CD 1998) Shur 004

Safe Places to Dream (CD 1997) Shur 003

Heaven (CD 1995) sfFreek Records

Freek (cassette 1994)

Heidi Clare (http://www.heidiclare.com/)

Quantum Entanglement (CD 2016)

The Crooked Jades (http://www.crookedjades.com/)

World’s On Fire (CD 2006) Jade Note Music CJ206

Diane Ferlatte (storyteller) (http://www.dianeferlatte.com/)

Wickety Whack, Brer Rabbit is Back (CD 2006)

Penny For Your Thoughts (CD 2005)

Aesop Alive and Well (CD)

Knick Knack Paddy Wack 2 (CD 2003)

Yes, M’am (respect for the elders) (CD 2000)

Knick Knack Paddy Wack (mother goose on the loose and other teeny tiny tales) (CD, cassette)

Michael Holt (http://www.michaelholtmusic.com/)

Pilot Single (CD 2000) Fang Records

Sonya Hunter (http://www.sonyahunter.com/)

Sun in Mind (CD 2002) innerstate 7015

Expecting to Fly (CD-ep 1999) innerstate/inbetweens records

Headlights and Other Constellations (CD 1998) honey do music, HONO01-02

Peasant Pie (CD 1995) Normal Records, Normal 190

Evie Ladin Band (http://www.evieladin.com/)

Evie Ladin Band  (CD 2012)

Jump the Fire (CD 2016)

Mat Lax and Nearly Beloved (http://www.nearlybeloved.com/)

This House of Mine (CD 2014)  Attaboy Records 04

Mushroom (http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Mushroom)

Naked, Stoned and Stabbed (CD 2010) Hyena Records, HYN 9359

Joint Happening (CD 2007) Hyena Records, HYN 9359

Yesterday, I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers (CD 2007) 4Zero Records, FZ003

Really Don’t Mind If You Sit This One Out (CD 2006) Four Zero Records, FZ001

Glazed Popems (CD 2004) black beauty, BB72005

Mad Dogs and San Franciscans (with Gary Floyd) (CD 2003) black beauty, BB72003

Foxy Music (CD, LP 2002) innerSPACE records  CS 049/EFA 05430-2

Analog Hi-Fi Surprise (CD, LP 2002) Weed Records, Weed 7910

Oh, But They’re Weird and They’re Wonderful (Return to Sender XXXV) (CD 2002) Normal Records, RTS 35

Compared to What (CD, LP 2001) innerSPACE Records, innerSPACE 7714

Leni Riefenstahl (LP 1999) Aether Records

Hydrogen Jukebox (CD 1998) Timothy’s Brain

Alive and in Full Bloom (CD 1998) Inbetweens Records, IRCD 001

Cream of Mushroom (LP 1997 Belmondo, CD 1998 Normal)

Erik Pearson (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/erikpearson/)

Ink & Tapestry  (Limited Edition CD 2006)

Water (CD 1996) Shur Records, SHUR 02

Honeysuckle  (Limited Edition CD 2005- orig.1992)

Irene Sazer (http://www.allmusic.com/album/first-things-first-mw0001059524)

First Things First (CD 1997) Elizabeth Records 6896

Billy Talbot Band (http://billytalbot.com/)

Alive in the Spirit World (CD 2004) Sanctuary Records 06076-84730-2

On the Road to Spearfish (CD 2014) Vapor Records

Pat Thomas (http://roomonetwofour.com/music.html)

New Directions in Music by Pat Thomas: Valium (CD 1997) Strangeways / way 151

Steal this Riff Live Evil Volume Two (Fresh Tour 1996) (CD 1996) Strangeways Records


Also Appears on the following:

Daevid Allen’s University of Errors

Money Doesn’t Make It (CD 1999) innerSPACE records, innerSPACE 7707

Marilyn Carino

Mudville (CD-ep 2001) Slurry 0503

The Crooked Jades

Bright Land (CD 2012) CJ 009

Seven Sisters (A Kentucky Portrait) (CD 2000) Crooked 002

The Unfortunate Rake (Volume 1) (CD 2000) Crooked 003

Sonya Hunter

Finders, Keepers (Return to Sender IXX) (CD 1998) Normal/innerstate records

Mat Lax and Nearly Beloved

Where’s Bob? (CD 2011)  Attaboy Records 03

Hurricane and A Tumbleweed (CD 2002) attaboy’02

Real Vocal String Quartet (http://www.rvsq.com/)

Real Vocal String Quartet (CD 2009)


Tasty Licks– SF Local Band Compilation (Sonya Hunter) Olde West Recordings-0015

San Francisco A music City Compilation 1998 (Sonya Hunter, Mushroom) Trocadero 20092

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Aether (Aether Records Sampler) vol. One 1999 (Mushroom) Aether Records.

IAMAPHOTOGRAPHER (a tribute to Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up”) (Mushroom) Plain Recordings, Plain101

Deep Note (music of 1970’s adult cinema) (Mushroom) (CD 2002) O.S.T. Grammofonpladen A/S

Spirits Burning (Reflections In A Radio Shower) (CD 2001) Gazul Records, GA8647.AR

Fluorescent Tunnelvision (CD 2001) (Mushroom) Submergence, Sub-0047

Dream Magazine #5 (CD 2005) (Mushroom) CD with magazine

This Note’s for You Too! (Mushroom) Inbetween Records

Operation Stardust: an interstellar song collection (Mushroom) Perry Rhodan/Tribal Storm

Film Soundtracks:

Into the Wild A film by Sean Penn- (song: Fork & File from Crooked Jades “World’s on Fire)

Indies Under Fire (The Battle for the American Bookstore) A film by Jacob Bricca

Live Nude Girls Unite (Sonya Hunter- “My Heart Breaks”, instrumental version)

Boom, the Sound of Eviction (Mushroom)

Disarmed A film by Kia Simon- Sneaky Little Sister Films

Buckdancing for Beginners 2- Freestyle:  Evie Ladin- Instructional DVD